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Nvidia preaches the GPU compute gospel at NAB

by on May 11, 2012

At NAB recently, NVidia has their usual presence showing off their Quadro products and various software technologies.  Many people may not have noticed, however, that NVidia was actually present in over 40 booths, covering everything from encoding technologies to color grading systems to rendering tools.  Many people thought that CUDA would fade away as the more open OpenCL took hold, but Nvidia is still reaping the benefits of the powerful software development pipeline they’ve built around CUDA as it continues to be integrated into more and more products.

While Nvidia admits the existence of OpenCL and offers support, the company says it is getting new customers for CUDA and it is not seeing a shift to OpenCL even though OpenCL gives developers a cross-platform approach. What Nvidia’s booth really demonstrates is that customers are seeing the benefits of optimizing for multi-core and GPU compute and they aren’t waiting for the OpenCL tools to evolve or for Intel to get tools out there for its multi-core MIC processor. There really was an impressive amount of Nvidia partners at NAB this year. The case has been made for multi-core, for GPU compute, and, for now, CUDA.

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