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The Cycle of Visualization & Infographic Events

by on February 6, 2012

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For those who have been in the visualization space for a while, the annual cycle of conferences and events is pretty well known.  Over at Infographer, a Russian site dedicated to infographics, they’ve constructed a nice circular calendar showing this trend across 2011 and 2012.

The idea to make this kind of ‘map-calendar’ of events appeared in our mind a long time ago, we started to collect data in 2011 and suddenly 2012 started. So we decided to combine both years and show the history for 2011 and actual events for 2012, which you can use for your personal planning.

November, December and January are the months without infographic activities — second year proves this tendency. But in the rest periods there are up to 4 events, which you can visit. In 2012 the most active months are Feb, March and June — you even will have no time to repack your luggage.

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