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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 10/01/2012

by on January 10, 2012

To start today’s Daily Viz from Visual Loop, we bring Kissmetrics‘ history of photo sharing and Klout‘s 2011 retrospective. After that, some interesting numbers and fats about the World’s biggest Social Network: Facebook. Woork Up, Nanigans and NM Incite provided the infographics, depicting not only the main facts of 2011, but also the advertising opportunities around the World, as well as the reasons why Facebook users add and remove friends.

The History Of Photo Sharing

Facebook and iPhone Lead Way on Klout’s Top Topics of 2011 Lists

Facebook Facts 2011

Facebook Advertising Opportunities Across The Globe

Why Do People Unfriend Each Other on Facebook?

Our daily video:

What We Learned – 2011

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