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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 11/11/2011

by on November 11, 2011

We showed in the two previous posts the extension of Privacy issues with Facebook, but, like we said already, this is far from being a “Zuckerberg exclusive”. Today, to close this week of Daily Viz from Visual Loop, Veracode, Focus and Zone Alarm take a look at what’s happening with Google, who’s also very well-known for its is privacy issues, and Secure List and again Veracode show us  some of the security problems threatening Twitter users.

Google vs. Facebook on Privacy and Security

Good or Evil: Have We Shared Too Much With Facebook, Google, and Apple?

A Guide to Taming Privacy Concerns Around Google Plus

Twitter’s Long History With Malware

Twacked: When Twitter Accounts Go Bad

This Friday’s video:


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