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Topogun 2.0 beta review

by on October 3, 2011

The Topogun mesh re-topologization and map baking tool is about to hit version 2.0 for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.  Max Underground has a nice look at the beta, showing what you can expect in the full release when it comes out.

Topogun offers almost a full pipeline for retopologization and map baking, with the exception of UV creation tools (which might not be a minor issue for some users). You can also use Topogun 2.0 for retopologizing your concept sculpt and then use subdivision tools to create a hi-res, wrapped mesh that captures the details automatically and then continue sculpting on the cleaned up hi-res mesh in your sculpting application.

via Topogun 2.0 beta review – Max Underground.