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Tecplot, Inc. Releases Its Latest Innovation in Simulation Analytics

by on October 27, 2011

A new tool from Tecplot today called “Chorus” jumps into the “simulation analytics” space, combining visualization with data maangement, statistics, and data mining techniques to make finding the gems of insight hidden in your massive CFD datasets easier than ever.

“Tecplot Chorus is the new generation of post-processing tools for engineers. The new paradigm of post processing is to simultaneously operate on sets of simulations instead of one at a time, and to take advantage of parallel computers to pre-compute visualizations. The unprecedented level of analysis enabled by Tecplot Chorus allows engineers to make more informed decisions faster, thus enabling companies to develop better products.”

The tool already has some great praise from big names too:

 Swift Engineering CFD Analyst Andy Luo commented, “Our post processing productivity increased by an order of magnitude, thanks to Tecplot Chorus. Now I can do in five minutes what once took me four to six hours.”

Of course, such power isn’t cheap.  Currently it’s $7,500 a year for a floating license, which works on Windows or Linux.

via Tecplot, Inc. Releases Its Latest Innovation in Simulation Analytics: Tecplot(R) Chorus(TM) – MarketWatch.