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Nvidia Teams With HP To Offer Massive “GPU Starter” Kit

by on August 29, 2011

NVidia and HP have teamed up to create a new GPU “Starter” kit aimed at bringing GPU computing to a wider audience without getting into all the fine details of system configuration.  However, their new “starter” kit is anything but entry-level.

The system contains eight ProLiant SL390 G7 servers, packed full of 24 M2070 GPUs, 16 CPUs, and its preconfigured with CUDA 4.0. The servers, presumably loaded with quad-cores, offer a respectable 32-cores of additional CPU power in addition to the copious amounts of GPU performance. The M2070 GPU that’s included in the package is a Fermi-based part, with 6GB of RAM per GPU.

With a price tag of $99,000, it’s a bit beyond your average hobbyist.  It’s a great steal for companies tho as the total system is offered at about a 50% discount of the total package, plus contains their special GPU development tools.

via Nvidia Teams With HP To Offer Massive “GPU Starter” Kit – HotHardware.