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Toshiba unveils Qosmio F750 3D, first glasses-free 3D laptop

by on July 5, 2011

Toshiba is bringing recent advances in their glasses-free 3D TV’s to the Laptop space with their new Qosmio F750 laptop, going on sale next month for around 1300 €.

It will feature a 120Hz, 15.6-inch screen that uses “a lenticular lens sheet to send different images to the left and right eyes.” The effect is said to vary, depending on how close you are to the screen, but is said to have a more pronounced effect than the Nintendo 3DS for example. If you’re wondering why that sounds familiar, it’s because Toshiba has already used that very same technology in their glasses-free 3D TV – the Regza GL1.

Also packing an Intel Core i&, GeForce 540M, and Blue-ray XL Drive, it could make a nice little 3D BluRay viewing system.  That is, if the effect doesn’t suffer from some of the common problems of lenticular lens (viewing angle dependence).  Toshiba is overcoming some of these shortcomings with a cleverly integrated HD webcam that incorporates eye-tracking to adjust for the viewer’s angle.

Only time will tell if it’s going to work…

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