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Fraunhofer’s HHI Panoramic 3D Configuration

by on July 25, 2011

Working with giant screens like IMAX typically requires special cameras configured for panoramic shooting, with a lengthy post stitching step.  However, once you move to 3D the typical setups break down because you have to get much more information in the frame:

Generating 3D video panoramas, however, is much more complicated. Whereas the stitching of each panorama for the left and the right eye requires a parallax-free recording of sub-images, the stereo representation itself needs a sufficient amount of parallax for proper 3D reproduction.

This problem is a tough one to solve, but Fraunhofer has come with a (Rather extreme) solution.  Combining cameras and mirrors into a omni-directional camera module, they can put multiples of them together in 24-degree increments to get all the way up to a 360-degree circle for a massive 15,000×2,000 pixel image.

Currently in a rough prototype, it looks like a truly mammoth camera to try to work with tho.

via Panoramic 3D a step closer – Newsletter3DMasters-content | TVBEurope Magazine Online & In Print.