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Trailer for Pixar’s new Brave

by on June 28, 2011

While Cars 2 is getting mediocre reviews in theaters, Pixar is showing off their next big production “Brave” with a new trailer.

The film is set in the Highlands of Scotland and the trailer opens up with some stunning flybys of the mountains and lochs, before showing us some more moody, ground-level, shots, all accompanied by a voiceover in an Scottish accent intoning what being “brave” means. Eventually we are shown the heroine of the tale: Merida, a princess who eschews her Royal parentage to pursue her dream of becoming an archer. There’s some more fabulous animation work in her curly red hair (surely more tangled than Tangled) and that of her horse – head over to stichkingdom.com for a gorgeous hi-res shot of Merida’s hair.

Expected to hit theaters next Summer (2012).

via Wired