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HyperGlance: 3D Vizualization for IT Infrastructure

by on June 1, 2011

InsideHPC has a new video podcast online interviewing Stace Hipperson of Real Status, and a demonstration of their IT visualization system “HyperGlance”.

In this video, Real Status co-founder & CTO Stace Hipperson demonstrates HyperGlance, a powerful software package that uses sophisticated graphics and modelling techniques to create real-time models of complete IT infrastructures in 3D and overlays performance and business metrics.

It looks pretty impressive for at-a-glance visualization of a computer network that could be pretty powerful for large datacenters, and I like the deep exploration tools they’ve integrated.  It’s an interesting look at visualization from the Business Manager/CTO side of things, folks that are more interested in “overviews” than deep details.  See the video below.

via YouTube – HyperGlance: 3D Vizualization for IT Infrastructure.