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GMunk on the Visual effects of Tron: Legacy

by on June 2, 2011

Pushing Pixels has a great interview with ‘Gmunk’ who did some of the VFX work for Tron:Legacy.  They get into the typical workday stuff of working in the VFX studio, daily reviews and concept sketches, but also get into surprising depth on Digital Domain’s technology and workflow.

Gmunk: We developed so much stuff. Digital Domain has a very special VFX pipeline, there’s nothing else like it. And we found a way to get these stereoscopic 3D cameras into our 3D applications, like Cinema4D. We used a lot of openFrameworks applications that had to take in these stereoscopic cameras. Digital Domain had a technical director Jon Gerber who helped us accomplish that, to write the scripts to get the cameras to go into Cinema4D and openFrameworks. And then out of our 3D apps we would render stereorenders and then check those on The Hyundai.

via Visual effects of Tron: Legacy and beyond – conversation with GMUNK · Pushing Pixels.