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Client Infographics: Wine iPhone Apps

by on April 15, 2011

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Randy Krum has a nice pair of infographics covering iPhone Wine apps, that he built for the team at VinTank.

Two infographics I designed recently for the great folks at VinTank.com, a think tank for the wine industry.  Are There Any Good Wine Apps for the iPhone? summarizes the highlights of the data that VinTank gathered from the iTunes Store.  Sorting through 452 wine apps is a lot for a consumer to figure out (intimidating!), so they broke them up by price, rating, business model and type of app.

Both graphics look nice, but I particularly like this radial map of the classes of apps.  Clean, clear, and a nice use of Color.

via Cool Infographics – Blog – Client Infographics: Wine iPhone Apps.