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Visualizing the new Arab Mind

by on February 22, 2011

Kovas Boguta has posted a couple of nice graphics that visualize twitter activity during the Egyptian crisis. To the right is a mapping of Twitter usage in Egypt. He has arranged the map where tweets in Arabic are in red, while tweets in English are blue. Many of the protesters tweeted in Arabic, while many journalists tweeted in English. Some used both languages, so they are colored purple, and straddle the divide between English and Arabic. You can click on the graphic to make it much larger.

He also has produced a graphic on his site showing how the Internet blackout in Egypt affected twitter postings. It is well worth visiting the site to see this graphic as well.

Experts say Egypt is the crystal ball in which the Arab world sees its future. Now that Mubarak has stepped down, I can share the work I’ve done making that metaphor tangible, and visualizing the pro-democracy movement in Egypt and across the Middle East. It is based on their Twitter activity, capturing the freedom of expression and association that is possible in that medium, and which is representative of a new collective consciousness taking form.

via : Visualizing the new Arab Mind