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GTC2011 To be in San Jose’s McEnery Center

by on February 10, 2011

NVidia has just announced that GTC2011 will be this Octobery in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, with several of last year’s sponsors and exhibitors already lining up for a shot.  And to make this year’s event even bigger, it will be colocated with the Accelerated High Performance Computing Symposium sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory.

A leading U.S. national security research institution, Los Alamos National Laboratory has been hosting the Accelerated HPC Symposium as a stand-alone event with the goal of bringing together world leaders in supercomputing to share knowledge and help solve the world’s most crucial technology challenges. This event will now take place during GTC 2011, and will be co-hosted by Los Alamos National Lab and NVIDIA.

Ben Bergen, research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, said, “The growing success of GTC makes it a natural venue for co-hosting the Accelerated HPC Symposium. This event draws senior scientists from national research labs across the globe, and their interests in hardware and software development make for a perfect match with GTC.”

via NVIDIA Newsroom.