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KFA2 Announces Cable-Free NVidia Graphics Card

by on January 12, 2011

Want to see your computer, but not be physically near it?  Maybe hook it up to your TV, but not deal with the whirring fans or sheer size & ugliness of the case?  Galaxy’s KFA2 brand hears your complaints, and has just announced the new ‘GTX460 WHDI’ that enables wireless communication to a single display at full 1080p 60fps resolution using WHDI protocols in the 5GHz frequency band.

WHDI has a range of 30m (around 100ft for those still working in Imperial), and can work through obstacles and walls. This, says KFA2, provides a ‘hassle-free way to connect sources anywhere within a room or enable multiple connections.’ The WHDI standard supports HDCP 2.0, so it can route protected content (Blu-ray films, for example) without a problem.

via KFA2 Announces Cable-Free Graphics Card | bit-tech.net.