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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 14/01/2011

by on January 14, 2011

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, so they say, and Online Dating made an infographic that seems to prove it! But if we’re speaking about the Human Being, there’s no question that dogs are on the top of the best-friends list, and Pet Deals Now have put together some facts about dogs in America. After that, we bring a couple of graphics for film lovers: the Sequel Map from Box Office Quant and an awesome illustration from Corridor Digital, guiding everyone who’s planning to shoot a perfect action scene. Our last pick of the week goes to Travel Insurance‘s Beer Tours of America – after all, today’s Happy Hour day!!

Diamonds are forever

Facts About Dogs In America

The Sequel Map – Which Sequels Were Better or Worse Than the Original?

Beer Tours of America

Our last video of the week:

7 Billion

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