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Best infographics of 2010 according to Ninian Carter

by on December 2, 2010

Infographics News, a somewhat new BlogSpot blog, has a short list from Ninian Carter of some great infographics of the last year.

Ninian Carter is an scottish infographic journalist, well, the Phineas Fogg of the infographic journalists: he has worked in Scotland, England, France, Australia… and his last job was in Canada, at The Globe & Mail, place he left recently. So, as the A Team, he is avalaible for works… (if you click on his name, opening the post, you’ll go to his personal web).

Once you get past the horrible spelling of the article (spell-check people, it’s a handy feature), it’s a nice collection of infographics.  I’ll probably post some of these online throughout the day in full-size.

via Infographics news: Best infographics of 2010 according to Ninian Carter.