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FlowingData’s 10 Best Visualization Projects of 2010

by on December 16, 2010

Over at FlowingData they’ve compiled their list of the 10 best Data Visualization Projects of 2010.  A few are well-deserved, like the Nature by Numbers video, some I feel are out of place, like the ranking of the “Journalism in the Age of Data” as #2 (it’s only a documentary, no actual visualization).  In particular, I like his bashing of the recent ‘infographics’ craze.

Data visualization and all things related continued its ascent this year with projects popping up all over the place. Some were good, and a lot were not so good. More than anything, I noticed a huge wave of big infographics this year. It was amusing at first, but then it kind of got out of hand when online education and insurance sites started to game the system. Although it’s died down a lot ever since the new Digg launched.

Get the full list at the site.

via FlowingData