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Intel® Announces OpenCL SDK

by on November 16, 2010

Possibly to compete against NVidia & PGI’s ‘CUDA x86‘ offering, Intel has announced at SC10 that they have a new OpenCL SDK enabling executing of OpenCL code on Intel x86 Processors, currently only on Windows Vista & Windows 7.

OpenCL* is an emerging standard from the Khronos Group industry consortium. As a Khronos founder and promoter, Intel has made significant contributions to OpenCL* feature set. With the Alpha release of Intel® OpenCL SDK, Intel continues to demonstrate its commitment to parallel computing tools and standards support.

OpenCL still hasn’t achieved the penetration of CUDA, primarily because it’s a bit more difficult to work with and it simply hasn’t had the time that CUDA has had, but this is a huge step toward creating a single truly universal language that runs on AMD GPU’s, NVidia GPU’s, and now Intel CPU’s.

via Intel® OpenCL SDK – Intel® Software Network.