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A Conversation With Onur Senturk

by on November 4, 2010

Onur Senturk won the 2010 Vimeo Awards for Best Motion Graphics with his video ‘Triangle’.  Over at Toolfarm, they interview him about some of the tools and ideas he uses in his work.

TF: What programs do you use? Do you use any third party plugins or additional software?

I use mainly 3dsmax also use C4d sometimes. I use AE for compositing. I think third party plug-ins what makes AE a more powerful tool and they fill the gaps. I use Optical Flares and Tinderbox plug-ins for AE. I use MAX2AE to catch missing interaction between 3dsmax and AE. I also use realflow for fluid dynamics.

TRI▲NGLE from Onur Senturk on Vimeo.

via Toolfarm Inspirations: Inspirations: A Conversation With Onur Senturk, Winner of 2010 Vimeo Awards for Best Motion Graphics.