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New Data Visualization Application Aims to Accelerate Lead Discovery

Merck’s Life Science Division, EMD Millipore, has just released a new application for visualization of GPCR (G-protein coupled receptors) and kinase activity called ‘DART’ (Data Analysis & Report Tool).  Available through their only Drug Discovery Portal, it maps a compound’s activity profile to depict protein families, providing immediate insight into cross-target interactions. “Lead profiling often […]

Operation E-Commerce : Best Ecommerce Software Infographic

Operation E-Commerce | Best Ecommerce Software Infographic | Add This Infographic to Your Website.


Luxology on CPU vs GPU in Ray Tracing

I had the privilege of attending a talk by Luxology where they detailed some of their internal research on CPU and GPU rendering technologies, finding GPU rendering approaches surprisingly disappointing in comparison.  He makes a great comparison between CPUs and GPUs, stating that GPUs are very “Wide” but computationally “Shallow”, in contrast to CPUs which […]

Work at Home Scams

Work at Home Scams | And read up on how it was created at Cool Infographics.


BP awards $50K to Purdue for Visualization Center

Looks like the Purdue University Calumet will be getting some nice upgrades at the Center for Innovation through Visualization & Simulations (CIVS), courtesy of a $50k award from BP.  Planned for equipment acquisition and activity development, they’ll be merging simulations with 3d visualization and VR techniques. “Over the years, Purdue Calumet and BP have collaborated […]

Transparency: Which Countries Are the Happiest?

Transparency: Which Countries Are the Happiest? – Transparency – GOOD.


Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 26/08/2010

Today we’re going to travel back in time, looking at some recent milestones in the internet and technology world. First, Hosting shows the History of Free Web Hosting, with an interesting comparison between internet speeds – I can’t believe it’s only been 15 years… We then take a look at some numbers of Apple, as […]


Facebook Privacy: 6 Years of Controversy

Facebook Privacy: 6 Years of Controversy [INFOGRAPHIC].

Resource of The Week for 8/25/2010: HDRi

This week’s resource aims to teach you everything you ever wanted to know (probably much more, in fact) about High Dynamic Range Imaging and its use in Image Based Lighting.  This is actually the second edition of the original High Dynamic Range Imaging text,High Dynamic Range Imaging, Second Edition: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting. High […]