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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 26/08/2010

Today we’re going to travel back in time, looking at some recent milestones in the internet and technology world. First, Hosting shows the History of Free Web Hosting, with an interesting comparison between internet speeds – I can’t believe it’s only been 15 years… We then take a look at some numbers of Apple, as […]


Facebook Privacy: 6 Years of Controversy

Facebook Privacy: 6 Years of Controversy [INFOGRAPHIC].

Resource of The Week for 8/25/2010: HDRi

This week’s resource aims to teach you everything you ever wanted to know (probably much more, in fact) about High Dynamic Range Imaging and its use in Image Based Lighting.  This is actually the second edition of the original High Dynamic Range Imaging text,High Dynamic Range Imaging, Second Edition: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting. High […]

yuco-Dora_Making of

yU+co. Show Open for Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

Recently, Nickelodeon celebrated Dora the Explorer’s 10th birthday with a special hour-long episode.  In the episode, all of the classic characters seen in over 100 countries and 30 languages come together to celebrate Dora’s birthday.  The 45-second opener was created by yU+co and Nickelodeon using several miniature pop-up sets, a Camera 5D MArk II, and […]

PixelLight Open-Source Cross-Platform 3D Engine

Next time you set out to build a 3D package, maybe you should check out the new “PixelLight” project which brings together Newton, ODE,  OpenAL, FMod, and more into a cohesive and complete 3D application framework. PixelLight is an open-source framework that allows you to create 3D applications easily. As a cross-platform library it is […]


Disney, Pixar Withdraw From Annie Awards

Unbeknownst to me, there’s been a storm brewing behind the scenes of the Annie awards ever since Kung Fu Panda swept last years awards, completely shutting out WALL-E.  Previously, any paid member of ASIFA was eligible to vote, which made it relatively easy (and cheap) to stuff the ballot.  This year, they decided to change […]

NVidia’s Ambient Occlusion Volumes

NVidia has just published a paper by Morgan McGuire in the June 2010 issue of High Performance Graphics on Ambient Occlusion Volumes. This paper introduces a new approximation algorithm for the near-field ambient occlusion problem. It combines known pieces in a new way to achieve substantially improved quality over fast methods and substantially improved performance […]


SmartDraw – Communicate Visually with the World’s First Visual Processor

We have Word Processors to help us make pretty documents, so why don’t we have Visual Processors to help us make pretty visuals?  Smart Draw aims to do just that by creating a simple near-fully automatic system for creating mind maps, flow charts, and several types of graphs that integrates with most of the popular […]

Camaro Underbody Design & Visualization

Over at the VizWorthWatching blog (run by some CEI staff), they have an article on an analysis of the underbody of the 1997 Camaro SS.  After establishing a baseline with a classic wind tunnel, the simulated the effect with StarCCM+, and then exported the data for use in EnSight. Some nice pictures, with a few […]


Hurricane Katrina Aftermath, Disaster & Facts

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath, Disaster & Facts | New Orleans Victims, Relief Efforts, Storm Anniversary | LiveScience.

Sunni Brown and The Doodle Revolution

YouTube has a great video from the ignite conference series where Sunni Brown discusses the “Power of the Doodle”, and how the classic marginal doodle can be far more than a mental distraction.  It’s a great presentation with some interesting use of visual aids, and chock full of details like: On average, people retain 10% […]