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Martin Wattenberg talks data and visualization

by on August 11, 2010

Martin Wattenberg & Fernanda Viegas, recently snatched up by Google, recently held an hour-long presentation at MIT on data and visualization.  Famous for the results of their FlowingMedia company, they’ve gained both scientific and public admiration for their clever use of proper visualization methods with artistic flair.

For the most part, he focuses on past projects, which I am sure you’ve seen. However, even if you have seen all of Martin and Fernanda’s work, it’s still worth a watch as he highlights the interesting tidbits that each tool or piece can reveal. The rundown makes you appreciate the work that much more, in the same way you appreciate art when you know the story behind the picture.

The presentation is just under an hour (56 minutes), but well worth the watch.

via Martin Wattenberg talks data and visualization.