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Daily Viz from Visual Loop – 27/08/2010

by on August 27, 2010

Weekend ahead, and we start with a bit of nostalgia, thanks to the folks at Medical Assistants School, bringing up nice memories from our childhood with their overview of the Saturday morning Cartoons. Degree Search takes a look at how Americans aren’t spending their time, and Visual Economics shows the business behind American vacations. So, if you plan to travel, why don’t you choose a Fuel Efficient Airline? GOOD helps with that, with their infographic, and Credit Loan leaves a suggestion for a different kind of vacations: how about visiting some of ten most expensive buildings in the World?

Saturday Morning Cartoons

How Americans AREN’T Spending Their Time

The Business of American Vacations

Fuel Efficient Airlines

Ten Most Expensive Buildings In the World

And the last video of the week:

Choose (Trainspotting)

During this weekend, pay us a visit at Visual Loop, for lots of amazing infographics.