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Sitni Sati now ofering FumeFX2.0

by on May 21, 2010

The new version of FumeFX is out and available, boasting several new features and improvements.  A few of the things you can do now include:

  • Wavelet Turbulence mode: Allows users to add extra detail to low resolution simulations.
  • Post processing: Gives users the ability to tighten (shrink) the FumeFX grid as much as possible around smoke and fire to limit memory consumption.
  • Retiming: Lets users slow down and speed up their simulation caches.
  • Fuel-specific weight parameter: This parameter allows you to increase weight of the fuel causing it to be directly affected by the gravity.
  • Temperature can now control where fire creates smoke. When temperature is above a set threshold, smoke will be added to the grid.
  • New FumeFX_Burn WSM: Allows you to affect your mesh's vertex color based on FumeFX values.
  • Turbulence and Forces are now visible inside the viewport even if grid is not simulated.
  • New Void Source: This helper will erase all the fields inside or outside of it (depending on the settings).

But there are many more.  You can check it out at their website, where you can upgrade for as little as $195 (or free), or buy is new for $845.

via Afterworks – Sitni Sati.