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Infographic: The Biggest Oil Spills

by on May 12, 2010

As many of us focus on the recent Gulf Oil Spill, we tend to forget the dozens of other oil spills that have happened in recent history, such as the Exxon Valdez.  Tiffany Farrant has created an infographic for Oil & Gas US that shows some of the biggest oil spills in history, with somewhat scary results.

However a study a number of years after the spill discovered that the oil was disappearing at a rate of just four percent each year far less than people expected and the new study compounds environmental concerns.

“The damage that the spill created is something beyond anyone s imagination ” said Michel Boufadel Temple University s Civil and Environmental Engineering chair who has just completed research on why the oil persists.

Larger size after the break.

via Traces of Exxon Valdez spill can still be found | GDS Publishing.