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Come Work With Robert Kosara

by on April 30, 2010

I first saw the news of the CI Fellow program (Computing Innovation) over at InsideHPC, but blew it off as irrelevant to us here.  Looks like I might have been a bit hasty, as now Robert Kosara (eagereyes) has announced that he is one of the mentors and is looking to take someone on at UNC Charlotte.

I am interested in two broad areas: theory of information visualization and visualization for visual communication. The theory side is about some of the topics described in my recent Year of InfoVis Theory article, and obviously thinking that topic further. Communication is about how to get information across to people, so they're engaged and retain that information. Perhaps that involves lots of embellishments, or perhaps it involves storytelling, or perhaps something else entirely. There’s only one way to find out.

To qualify, you have to complete you Ph.D. between May 1 2009 and August 31 2010, and you’ll be paid $75k a year plus benefits for the work.

via Come Work With Me! | EagerEyes.org.