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Infographic: Who’s Using Which Social Media Sites?

by on April 12, 2010

Flowtown has a new infographic collecting various demographic statistics from popular social media sites into a single chart.

Numerous social media sites have witnessed explosive growth of their user bases in the last several years, but it’s a known fact that the type of user a site attracts varies greatly. Have you ever wondered which sites attract the most educated of social media users, or those that pull in the highest income? Below we map the demographics of the world’s most popular social media sites.

It is somewhat nice to look at, but difficult to collect any concrete numbers at first glance.  Sections like the “Educational Level” succumb to the classic problem with stacked bar charts, as it’s difficult to answer questions like:

  • Which network has more “Some College” users?  Digg, Facebook, or Twitter?
  • Looking at By Age, Which age demographic is biggest for Reddit?  25-34 or 35-44?

And more.  Fun to look at, but not so useful for extracting detailed information. (Unless you’re going to count those tiny little blocks).

via Social Media Demographics: Who’s Using Which Sites? / Flowtown (@flowtown). via Cool Infographics