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20 Inspiring Uses of Data Visualization

by on April 20, 2010

SingleFunction brings us a list of 20 “Inspiring” uses of Data Visualization.  While I take issue with a few entries on his list, and his list is heavily mash-up oriented, he has some interesting finds.

Data is boring, information is interesting! I’ve always used this statement whenever the issue of data is being discussed. No one is really interested in looking at a large number of data rows, or even a small one. As humans, we tend to better understand a particular issue when it is presented to us in a visual way, and in this roundup you will find 20 sites using data visualization that deliver information to the user in an effective and inspiring way.

Several entries using Google Maps mashups with Digg or Twitter data, and pretty much every entry in the list is an interactive website.

via 20 Inspiring Uses of Data Visualization | SingleFunction.