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NVidia Calls for Participation: GPU Computing Gems

by on February 10, 2010

The “Graphics Gems” books (I, II, III, IV, and V)  have long been a mainstay of anyone doing complex computer graphics and interactive programming.  Full of code snippets, algorithms, and clever ways of solving routine problems in new efficient ways, they are almost the holy tome of OpenGL and graphics programmers.  NVidia is now working to create a similar series of “core information” books for GPU programming and is soliciting articles and information for a “GPU Computing Gems”.

You are invited to contribute to GPU Computing Gems, a contribution-based book that will focus areas on practical techniques for GPU computing in some key focus areas:

· scientific simulation

· video and image processing including compression

· engineering simulation

· computer vision

· numerical algorithms

· signal processing and audio processing

· life sciences

· interactive physics simulation and AI for games and entertainment

· ray tracing and rendering

· parallel algorithms and data structures

· statistical modeling

· parallel programming and tools

· financial modeling

· miscellaneous topics including web-based computing, parallel programming tools, embedded robotics

Hit their site for all the details, but proposals are due at the end of this month, February 28th.

Call for Participation: GPU Computing Gems – NVIDIA. via InsideHPC.