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Haiti Earthquake Imagery

by on January 15, 2010

A Google Earth KML overlay is available which contains GeoEye-1 satellite imagery captured on January 13th, the day after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit and caused severe destruction to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and surrounding areas.  The New York Times has created a very useful interactive map from this data, allowing the user to move a slider between before and after images of the capital city.  Jonathon Crowe of The Map Room blog says that he has “never seen such innovative uses of a slider control outside [the New York Times’s] online maps.”  The Map Room is also a great place to get geospatial updates on this awful earthquake, apart from the interesting, unique maps showcased there almost daily.

This is a technology blog and we live in tough economic times, but I encourage our readers to donate what they can to Haiti.  To maximize your money’s benefit to people on the ground, please check your chosen charity’s  financial health using Charity Navigator before you give.  Vive Haiti.