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Visualizing Every Nuclear Detonation

by on December 8, 2009

NuclearDetonationGizmodo turns up this infographic showing every nuclear explosion (for military or research purposes) since 1945 on a map, correlating the size with the power of the explosion and the color with the offending country.

In this map, which takes into account all the documented nuclear tests since 1945, two things really stand out. The few days in 1945 that saw the only use of nuclear weapons on humans register, when measured on the unfeeling scale of kilotons, as two small blips, aberrant in their location but unremarkable in their size. Then you see the key: The scale is not linear. If it was, the larger explosions would cover most of the map. That's the thing with nuclear weapons: It's easy to lose your sense of scale when it comes to how powerful they are, or what havoc they can wreak.

via Our Century of Fallout: Every Nuclear Detonation, Mapped – Nuclear Weapons – Gizmodo.