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Verari Systems on the Auction Block

by on December 31, 2009

Looks like it’s the final chapter for Verari, and it’s all coming to a close on January 7th, 2010.  Contrary to the previous CEO statements, if you hit the website you’ll see the large banner (to the right) from CMA, Credit Management Association, the same guys behind that flyer in the doorway.

CMA is soliciting competing offers for a premier developer of energy efficient data center and desktop consolidation platforms utilizing independent blade-based compute and storage solutions.  All assets will be sold by CMA as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors.

As usual in a situation like this, the hard-working employees get the shaft as the CEO’s and Investors get the chance to sell off all the assets and get their money back (or at least a piece of it).  We hope all of you former Verari Folks find more respect and better conditions elsewhere.  Good luck @VerariGuy, @ExVerari, and all you VerariAlumni.

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