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The Sad State of Verari in Photographs

by on December 21, 2009

Reports of what’s going on with Verari right now differ a bit.  Management talks about a “reduction in force” and “reorganization”, but that the doors are open and it’s business as usual.  Employees say they’ve been laid off since the 11th, with no paychecks coming and the office doors locked.  One enterprising VizWorld visitor took it upon himself to visit the office and see just what’s really going on.

Looks pretty self-explanatory to me.

And if that’s not enough Verari drama for you, go check out:

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  • the new VerariServicesGroup account on Twitter, including some interesting slams against SGI for announcing their willingness to support Verari hardware.

  • Robert

    Vsg, save it for someone that cares. Don’t talk about the “old band” and “I hear” unless you have facts.

  • Verari Services Guy

    Look for a new startup to provide support to former Verari customers to launch shortly. I hear the support department is putting ‘the Band’ back together.