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Norway’s Mysterious spiral light display semi-explained

by on December 11, 2009

norway-lightsThe above image has been popular on the internet this week, the mysterious blue and white spiral hovering over the horizon of Norway.  Alien invasion?  Death ray satellite?  Well, Doug Ellison ran computer simulations showing the effect could have come from a misfired missile tumbling through the sky (creating the white spiral of smoke) and leaking fuel (the blue spiral), and it probably came from Russia based on the region.  Russia initially denied it, but has just recently changed their tune:

The jinxed Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile failed at the third stage after being test-fired from a submarine in the White Sea, Russia’s military said.

They still won’t claim that the lights are from their rocket, but given the circumstances it seems likely.

See Doug Ellison’s simulation and video of the actual lights after the break.

via The answer to the mystery of Norway’s spiral light display: Was it a failed Russian Bulava missile test? | Mail Online.