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insideHPC exclusive with Verari CEO: “The doors are open.”

by on December 14, 2009

VerariWhile Verari is undoubtedly in dire straights at the moment, it seems the rumors of their death might have been slightly exaggerated as evidenced by an interview their CEO held with InsideHPC editor John West.

Also, Wright was at pains to point out that the doors are not closed. Although he did say that most of the staff is gone today, there are people in the office working on a way forward — “some on payroll, and some not.” These folks are working on a support plan for existing customers which Wright hopes to have on the web site “today or tomorrow,” as well as on how to fill existing orders. Verari’s support comes largely from business partners, so they may actually be able to come up with something there.

Sounds like, like some reports said, they’ve lost the ability to make payroll.. So they’re currently in a situation of “work for free and hopefully we can compensate you later”, or stay and home and work on your resume.

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