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Cowboys Stadium 3D scoreboard experiment a failure

by on December 14, 2009

12-14-093dscoreboardThat’s right, the previously ballyhoo’d demo was such a dismal failure that the screen was turned off less than 7 minutes after activated.

The vaunted real-time 3D scoreboard display experiment at last night’s Cowboys / Chargers game was turned off to loud cheers after just six minutes and fifty seconds of being active. The problem, as usual, was glasses: most of the 80,000 people in attendance didn’t bother to put on the headgear required to see the 3D effect, and instead saw a blurry anaglyph image — which they then booed

Engadget does mention that HDlogix, the company behind the technology, does have glasses-free 3D but says it doesn’t work on screens that large.  Actually, the real problem is that its’ highly dependant on viewing angle and doesn’t work for large numbers of people (You have to be directly in front of the screen).

Still, it’s an interesting statement on “What people want” when they won’t even put on the glasses.  One has to wonder why they thought “Look up and put on glasses to see the game in 3D” was better than “Just look down like you always do and see the game in 3D, for real”.

via Cowboys Stadium 3D scoreboard experiment doesn’t go so well, turned off in less than seven minutes — Engadget.