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New 3D LCD from LG with Full HD Resolution

by on December 12, 2009

lg-3dtvWhile I dispute the “world’s first” part of the claim, LG hast just announced a new 3D LCD TV that works with active shutter glasses to create true full-resolution 3D visuals.

Although full HD 3D images have been developed for contents such as video games, movies and animations, 3D display products with full HD resolution were unavailable in the market. The commercial launch of LG Display’s full HD 3D LCD panel is expected to help to boost development of high resolution 3D contents while allowing users to view true-to-life 3D images.

They’re big on the full HD resolution because several of the existing solutions (like the JVC model) are only half-HD in 3D mode because they use interleaved lines.

via Welcome to LG Display.