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NASA Launches Remote Real-Time Visualization Demo at SC09

by on November 12, 2009


Here’s something I definately hope to check out next week at SC09, a live demonstration from NASA and Obsidian Strategics of remote visualization across a pair of 10GB Ethernet circuits, carrying 20Gbits/s of visualization traffic from Mountain View, CA to Portland, OR.

Obsidian’s Dr. David Southwell observes “Remote visualization applications are very demanding on the network, being bandwidth intensive and sensitive to latency, loss, arrival time jitter and quality of service. NASA’s InfiniBand-based supercomputers interface naturally to Obsidian’s Longbow E100 products, which transparently extend InfiniBand over 10 GbEthernet WAN connections in a manner that preserves all of InfiniBand’s properties (such as determinism and lossless flow control) while simultaneously applying standards-based AES-192-GCM cryptography”.

via NASA Launches Remote Real-Time Visualization Demo at SC09 Over Fully Encrypted 20Gbit/s Link Using Obsidian’s New E Series Longbow | Press Releases @ Your Story.