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Shearvision’s new 200-inch Television

by on October 6, 2009

itrans-tvShearvision has constructed a new mammoth 200-inch TV that uses iTrans technology, offering a 1.7mm pixel size (cmpared to the 6mm LED pixel sizes of comparable TV’s) and 2000Cdm brightness.

“It is capable of outperforming tiled plasma in brightly lit environments like transport terminals. With a fill factor of 95 per cent the screens continue to look good close up rather than breaking up into pixels as some large display screens do.”

The resulting television hits all the major requirements: high resolution, multiple viewing angles and distances, works in high-light environments, and no glare.  Unfortunately each screen is currently custom-made to order, so the pricing is “unavailable” (read: way out of the realm of mortal men). Read the full announcement after the break.


One of the most exciting scalable, high-brightness screen technologies to emerge in recent years is being made available as a large format display by Shearline. The Shearvision screens incorporate patented ITrans technology, using tiled arrays of optical fibres to create high resolution displays suitable for all lighting conditions. The screens are constructed in modules or as a monolithic form, offering a unique capability to create unusual sized screens to fit exactly into the space available in a retail, trading room or exhibition environment.

The Shearvision screen provides a high resolution image which can be viewed easily from all angles and distances, and in areas where reflections caused by strong sunlight or artificial lighting are problematic. The screen is ideal for use in environments like shopping centres, department stores, railway stations and airports where other display technologies suffer from glare.

“Plasma technologies are typically used for smaller screens, up to about 60 inches, while LED video screens are used for very large displays, usually over 200 inches,” says Charles Maltby, Technical and Commercial Director at Shearline. “This has left a gap for a ‘medium sized’ display screen. There is considerable demand but until now, no acceptable solution.”

The near 200-inch diagonal (8.5m2) modular ITrans display created an enthusiastic reaction when it was first shown in Cambridge. It uses moulded optical fibres to transfer an image from high brightness LCDs to a magnified viewing surface, providing a unique combination of high resolution, high brightness and unlimited scalability.

”The Shearvision Screen is based on a patented 1.7mm pixel size ITrans technology and offers more than 12 times the definition of 6mm LED complete with a brightness approaching 2000Cdm,” says Charles. “It is capable of outperforming tiled plasma in brightly lit environments like transport terminals. With a fill factor of 95 per cent the screens continue to look good close up rather than breaking up into pixels as some large display screens do.”

The company knows that there is enormous interest in the technology.

“The ITrans technology has considerable potential and is compatible with other platforms such as OLED with which it could be integrated. We have developed production systems for new builds and we are interested in talking to potential partners about long term developments, as well as hire of the current screens for use in shopping areas, airports and at exhibitions or other promotional events.”

The original concept came from a University of Cambridge spinout and Shearline took the subsequent project to production, designing the tools, assembly and test systems needed to mount the moulded optical light guides, which are then used to build an ITrans tile. To test the technology Shearline built a small number of monolithic fixed shape displays with sizes going up to approx 100-inches and it is making these screens available on a hire basis.

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