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SC09 Student Cluster Competition: Go Green!

by on October 30, 2009

sc09The rules have been set for this year’s SuperComputing Student Cluster competition, and this year it’s all about “Go Green”.

This year’s SC09 Student Cluster Competition is built around a “Go Green!” theme, tying it in with this year’s show. Just like the previous competition, this year’s rules have capped the overall power requirements of each team’s gear to a pair of 120-volt, 20-amp circuits. Each circuit will have a soft limit of 13 amps. Penalties will be assessed if a respective team trips an alarm on the metered power circuits. Each team’s hardware, along with the metered power units, must fit into a single rack.

The teams & vendors have been set and work is underway.  The benchmarks consist of the usual simulation codes, but a great addition this year is VisIt.  I don’t see any details yet on what they’ll need to do inside of VisIt, but the fact that is made it into the application run category is a huge win for both the developers of VisIt and visualization scientists everywhere.

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