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Intel CTO Justin Rattner on Larrabee & GPU

by on October 7, 2009

Pat Gelsinger holding Larrabee Silicon

John West of InsideHPC has a great interview with Justin Rattner of Intel about his background in HPC computing and Intel’s contribution to supercomputing over the years.  Towards the end they begin talking about the recent popularity of GPU computing and he lets slip a few tidbits of Larrabee.

“The goal of our next generation Larrabee is to take a MIMD approach to visual computing,” he says. Part of Intel’s motivation for this decision is that the platform scales from mobile devices all the way up to supercomputers. And they have early performance results that will be presented at an IEEE conference later this year that show that the Larrabee outperforms both the Nehalem and NVIDIA’s GT280 on volumetric rendering problems.

via Interview With An HPC Pioneer | insideHPC.com.