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The Hardware of Hardcore Kite Photography

by on October 26, 2009

scott-dunn-statue-libertyIf you thought kite photography was the realm of bored college kids with disposable cameras, think again.  The picture above was captured via kite by Scott Dunn, and he describes all of the technique and hardware required to make it work.

aerial-kite-photographyScott was photographing the Liberty Island Swim, an open water swim race in New York Harbor. Morty Berger, one of the race organizers, got permission from the National Park Service for Scott to photograph the swim from Liberty Island. Getting the proper clearance was required since the legal flying limit for large kites is usually 500 feet. Higher than that and you are entering into regulated airspace. This picture was taken in the morning, immediately after the swim race and before it began raining.

So that’s a $200 kite holding a Picavet to suspend the camera, a GS-1 radio control servo with gyro stabilization to steady it, and a DuneCam remote for shuttler and directional control.  All of that to get that one awesome picture.

via Shoot new angles with kite photography | Digital Photo | Macworld.