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The Conversation Prism v2.0 by Brian Solis

by on October 5, 2009

conversation-prismAs social media systems gather strength and money as both a fun way for us to talk to each other and a great way for brands to specifically target individuals, it’s becoming more complicated to explain and understand how information moves amongst the various networks.  Brian Solis & Jesse Thomas have taken it upon themselves to map the results in a fascinating “flower” design and called it “The Conversation Prism”.

When Jesse Thomas of JESS3 and I initially mapped “the conversation,” we recognized that the act of categorizing social networks within a visually rich graphic would be momentary at best, demanding endless iterations in order to accurately document evolving and shifting online conversations as well as the communities that promote them.

My goal was to observe, analyze, dissect, and present the dynamics of conversations, how and where they transpired.

If you look closely you’ll see it consists of several rings that he calls Halos showing the various degrees of interaction between the user (the center) and networks (outer edges).

As an added bonus, you can buy it as an 18″x24″ poster from their website.

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