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NVIDIA: DirectX 11 Will Not Stimulate Sales of Graphics Cards

by on September 17, 2009

nvidia-logoIn a conference with various financial analysts, NVidia has come out swinging in saying that DirectX11 will not stimulate sales of Graphics cards.  This is a bit of a punch at ATI/AMD who has spend alot of time recently touting the capabilities of their new DX11 GPUs.

“DirectX 11 by itself is not going be the defining reason to buy a new GPU. It will be one of the reasons. This is why Microsoft is in work with the industry to allow more freedom and more creativity in how you build content, which is always good, and the new features in DirectX 11 are going to allow people to do that. But that no longer is the only reason, we believe, consumers would want to invest in a GPU,” said Mike Hard, vice president of investor relations at Nvidia, at Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference on Wednesday.

Mr Hard Hara, who is being incorrectly called Mike Hard (See his Bio Here), also goes on record with this eye-opening statement:

“Graphics industry, I think, is on the point that microprocessor industry was several years ago, when AMD made the public confession that frequency does not matter anymore and it is more about performance per watt. I think we are the same crossroad with the graphics world: framerate and resolution are nice, but today they are very high and going from 120fps to 125fps is not going to fundamentally change end-user experience.”

via NVIDIA: DirectX 11 Will Not Stimulate Sales of Graphics Cards – Expreview.com.

  • Yavor

    Where is the research? What did nvidia say when they had DX10 cards coming out? Quote that to compare! RESEARCH! WE DEMAND REAL JOURNALISM!

  • Randall Hand

    @calisa cole Doh! You’re right! Thanks for the heads up, seems everyone is requoting that is Mike Hard.. I fixed it.

  • calisa cole

    (note that his name is Mike Hara)