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David Kirk and Jun Rekimoto selected for SIGGRAPH Asia

by on September 17, 2009

siggraph-asiaIf you’re heading to SIGGRAPH Asia in December, then you’ll have the chance to hear talks from David Kirk and Jun Rekimoto. David Kirk is a bit of a legend in graphics technology circles, and Jun Rekimoto is the founding director of the Interaction Lab within the Sony Computer Science Labs.

Kirk will speak on “The Power of Heterogeneous Computing,” reviewing the evolution of GPU technology. Kirk also will share his vision of how current work in academic and industrial labs around the world will be applied to future generations of computer graphics systems.

Rekimoto’s talk is on “Enhanced Realities,” and will focus on the shift of human-computer interactions from improving individual devices to the enhancement of more connected activities and communications.

via Tech Pioneers Kirk, Rekimoto to Address SIGGRAPH ASIA | Animation Magazine.