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Vis, InfoVis, Vast 2009 accepted papers posted

by on August 27, 2009

visweek09If you’re going to the IEEE VizWeek conference this year, then you might wanna head on over to the website where they’ve just posted a list of all the accepted papers in Vis, InfoVis, and VAST.

Vis Papers: http://vis.computer.org/VisWeek2009/vis/sessions_papers.html

InfoVis Papers: http://vis.computer.org/VisWeek2009/infovis/sessions_papers.html

VAST Papers: http://vis.computer.org/VisWeek2009/vast/sessions_papers.html

Anything there catch your eye?  Share it!

Update: @dr_tj points out that the VizSec accepted papers are online as well:

VisSec Papers: http://www.vizsec.org/vizsec2009/program.html

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