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Tuvalu Visualization Project

by on August 31, 2009

tuvaluPhoton Inc has published a preliminary look at their “Tuvalu Visualization PRoject”.  Tuvalu is in danger of sinking into the ocean as water levels rise from global warming, however it has proven difficult to collect information about the people and scenery of Tuvalu.

The purpose of project is to disclose actual information about ”People” and ”Scenery” in Tuvalu to the world. It is said that Tuvalu is exposed to danger of going under water by sea level rising because of global warming. However, we suppose that it is important to understand not only the problem of global warming, but also the real situation of Tuvalu. The Internet is an effective tool for collecting information, but it was difficult to obtain information of the real situation of Tuvalu from the Internet. Therefore, we produced this project to present the real situation of Tuvalu, to improve the interest in Tuvalu, and to receive feedback from all over the world.

The full project is expected to be published next month (September).

via 株式会社フォトン|Photon,Inc. » Tuvalu Visualization Project.

  • hwtnv2006

    Thank you for introducing our project! We are constructing this project now. I will announce you again when the project will be launched. Hidenori ZWatanave