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New Jon Peddie Report: 30% Penetration on multi-GPU

by on August 3, 2009

A new report from Jon Peddie Research claims that multi-GPU systems will consume about 30% of all desktop personal computers.  This really is no surprise (to me anyway):

The research organization predicts that about 50% of all desktop personal computers will be powered by multi-GPU technology such as ATI CrossFire or NVIDIA SLI in 2012. In addition, the multiple graphics cards will see an annual growth rate of 83%, and they’re used in gaming, workstations, and the developing market of GPU-compute.

What I find more interesting is that NVidia and AMD are already having difficulty managing consumer demand today with less than 10% penetration, they’re seriously going to have to ramp up production to pull this off.

Update (Aug 7): I originally said GPGPU in the title.

Update (Aug 19): I originally said 50% in the title, updated to the correct 30%.  The original error, in ExPreview’s article, still remains on their site.

via Nearly Half of PCs to be Powered by Multi-GPU Tech in 2012 – Expreview.com.