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Intel Arrandale chip will be an Intel laptop first

by on August 26, 2009

dell-adamoLots of hardware news today, thanks to the ‘Hot Chips’ conference, but an announcement from Intel claims that their upcoming ‘Arrandale’ chipset will soon be making an appearance in laptops .

Arrandale will come initially under the Core i7 and Core i5 brands, using the chipmaker’s most advanced 32-nanometer technology (Intel chips are currently built on a 45-nanometer process) and will populate consumer and business laptops.

Arrandale is not to be confused with Larrabee.  While Larrabee is a completely new architecture, Arrandale is Intel’s standard graphics chip just integrated into a dual-core CPU.

via ‘Arrandale’ chip will be an Intel laptop first | Nanotech – The Circuits Blog – CNET News.